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Term 6

Science week

We looked around the school to find different objects to blow bubbles through to find out which would make the best bubbles. 

IMG 2194IMG 2192IMG 2190IMG 2186IMG 2199IMG 2196


Cooking week

In cooking wee we made playdough. We mixed together Flour, water, sunflower oil and yellow food colouring with our hands until it turned into playdough. 

IMG 2077IMG 2076IMG 2075IMG 2079IMG 2078

IMG 2087IMG 2084IMG 2081IMG 2080IMG 2088

Then we made food using our playdough. 

IMG 2121IMG 2115IMG 2091IMG 2126IMG 2123

We also planned our fruit skewers, cut the fruit, put it on the skewers and ate the fruits! After we evaluated our fruit skewers. 

IMG 2161IMG 2160IMG 2157IMG 2154IMG 2153IMG 2166

Artists week

Our first task this week is to create a sunflower (inspired by Vincint Van Gogh). 

IMG 20200616 092423

IMG 20200616 130255

IMG 20200616 100752IMG 20200616 100631IMG 20200616 100615IMG 20200616 100221IMG 20200616 092434

Sports week

This week our theme is sports and we have watched videos about sports day, planned our own sports days, practised sports day and had our own sports day in our bubbles. 

IMG 20200616 100126 IMG 20200616 100142IMG 20200616 100837


This year, year 1 did sports day on their own whilst social distancing and staying in their bubbles. Such a strange time! We did running races including everyone and then a boys and girls running race and the winners for these races (in their bubble) was Joshua, Izzy, Phil, Abdul, Ellie. Next, we did a jumping race and Abdul, Joshua and Izzy were the winners in their bubbles. After, we did a side-stepping race and Abdul and Levi took gold! The hopping race was next and Alfie, Izzy and Abdul crossed the finish line first in their bubbles. Following this, a very careful slow walking backwards race which Lexi-May won by a massive distance! The next race (my personal favourite) was the frog jumping race and Phil and Lexi-May bounced into first! Although, I am going to give a special shout out to Alfie on this one as him frog jumping skills are amazing. Then we moved onto the high knees race and Eira and Phil got to gold! Next was hopscotch and the winners were Lexi-May and Phil. And... finally we had our long distance running winners... (Find picture below)

IMG 2012IMG 2027IMG 2035IMG 2026IMG 2015IMG 2009

Our three sports day winner from each bubble are... Abdul, Izzy and Joshua! 

IMG 2043

Well done guys and well done to everyone in year one that took part! :)

After sports day, we wrote a recount of what happened and draw pictures...

IMG 2046IMG 2045IMG 2044

IMG 20200616 100813

Here is some of our English this week... 

IMG 20200616 100722IMG 20200616 100519

In maths this week we have been working on place value to 100...

We have been counting forwards and backwards...

IMG 1952

IMG 1950

We have been representing numbers through drawing...

IMG 1969

IMG 19652

We have also practised writing and saying numbers correctly, making sure the tens go into the tens column and the ones go into the ones column and explaining what we know using our mathematical language. Some of us also moved onto the hundreds column and thousands column.

IMG 2052IMG 2054IMG 2051IMG 2050

IMG 2056IMG 2055

IMG 2058


Thinking about racing and speed... We wanted to find out what makes our cars go fastest!

We decided we were going to build different height ramps. First we predicted which ramp we thought would make the car go fastest, then we tested our idea, and then we wrote about our findings. 

IMG 1973IMG 1983IMG 1981IMG 1978IMG 1975IMG 1996

Animal week

This week our theme is animals and we have listened to stories and watched videos about different animals, written about animals and found our own resources to create our own habitats. 

IMG 1900IMG 1899IMG 1898IMG 1903IMG 1902IMG 1901


PhotoCollage 20200605 163018818PhotoCollage 20200605 162854489PhotoCollage 20200605 162709330PhotoCollage 20200605 162420876PhotoCollage 20200605 162302722PhotoCollage 20200605 162055785

Matilde year 1

IMG 1915

IMG 1913

IMG 1914

IMG 1910IMG 1912IMG 1911

Matilde and parrot2Layla 2


Position and direction

In maths this week we sung and danced to songs, played Simon says and drew and coloured in to help us learn positional and directional language. 

Our key vocabulary this week was: left, right, middle, up, down, forwards, backwards, full turn, half turn, quarter turn and three quarter turn. 

IMG 1908IMG 1907IMG 1906



Term 5...

English Gallery: 

Our writing from our Rainbow Fish focus...

IMG 20200519 104903IMG 20200519 104714

IMG 20200519 105222IMG 20200519 104658

IMG 20200519 104830IMG 20200519 104812


Our writing from our Flotsam story focus...

IMG 20200428 105805IMG 20200428 105148IMG 20200428 105123IMG 20200428 105058IMG 20200428 105038

IMG 20200506 210803IMG 20200506 210741IMG 20200501 101715IMG 20200501 101645IMG 20200501 101600

IMG 20200506 210728


Handwriting Gallery: 

IMG 20200519 105040IMG 20200519 104846IMG 20200519 104618IMG 20200519 104547

Phonics Gallery: 

IMG 20200506 210943IMG 20200501 101611

IMG 20200506 211036

IMG 20200519 105108

IMG 20200519 105124

Maths Gallery: 

IMG 20200519 105206IMG 20200519 105139IMG 20200519 105053IMG 20200519 104753IMG 20200519 104734IMG 20200519 104636IMG 20200519 104602

IMG 20200519 105154


Science Gallery:

IMG 20200506 210752


Art and DT Gallery: 

IMG 20200501 101655IMG 20200501 101526IMG 20200501 100518

PhotoCollage 20200428 105658314PhotoCollage 20200428 105438605

IMG 20200519 105340

History Gallery: 

We have learnt about modern day beaches and Victorian beaches and compared them both.

IMG 20200428 105603IMG 20200428 105110

IMG 20200506 211018IMG 20200506 210932IMG 20200506 210917IMG 20200501 101549IMG 20200501 100054

IMG 20200501 101731

IMG 20200519 105309


Geography Gallery:

We have recapped the continents and learnt about where the different oceans are in the world by looking at maps and singing songs. 

We have learnt different rhymes to remember 'North, East, South, West. 

IMG 20200519 105236

PE Gallery:

Creating our own home obstacle course...

IMG 20200519 105020IMG 20200519 104948