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Welcome to our Nursery.

We have 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds in our classes. working with experienced staff.

Although Covid has limited some of our activities, we have been very inventive and we provide an exciting and interesting environment for all the children. Our aim is provide learning through play, activities and adult interaction. 


During Term 1 we got to know the children. Some children had been with us before, but they all needed to familiarise themselves with our new routines and the Nursery environment. Our school is an 'Early Adopter', so we are following the new 'Development Matters' guidelines.

We talked about

  • ourselves
  • our senses
  • feelings
  • our families


We also focused on Harvest and Autumn and we counted in Maths, as well as using Mathematical words such as bigger, short and tallest. We painted, used scissors, played with water, explored both inside and outside and did many other activities.

The children are becoming more confident and have had to show more responsibility than in previous years, due to the restrictions preventing parents from coming into the Nursery. We are proud of them all!


Term 2 is all about Celebrations.

We explored different celebrations including Guy Fawkes night, Halloween, Remembrance Day, Christmas and quite a lot of birthdays. There was a variety of weather conditions and we were all aware of the need to wash our hands, particularly because of the virus.

Our Advent calendar introduced us to numbers and being patient when others had a turn to open the window.

The afternoon children had an unexpected visit from a police car and the police. They kindly let us look around their car, sounded the siren and had a brief chat.

Later in the term Santa arrived with his sleigh (although the reindeer were resting so it had to come on the back of a car). We were so excited! We had a Christmas Jumper day - looking at all the designs - and a party. It has been fun!