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Welcome to Firefly Class! 

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Mrs Still is the class teacher and Mrs Barnikel and Mrs Saunders are the teaching assistants.


Our topic for Term 4 is 'Spring into Stories! Along with the children's interests we will also be learning and exploring Spring, Traditional Tales, St David's day, St Patrick's Day, farming and Easter.

Our Key Stories this term are the Gingerbread man, The three billy goats, and Chicken Licken.

Reminders - Book bags in everyday, RWI books change on a Monday and a Thursday, Check Class Dojo for any updates or messages regularly, Order your Hot School Dinners via Parent Pay 

Reception - FireFly Class 2020/2021

Reception Seven Fields Final


Our Topic for this Term is Spring into Stories!!

 Spring into stories topic map




Remote Learning during a bubble closure. 

In the event of a bubble closure we will follow the same procedure as in the January - March lockdown.  

We will continue using Class Dojo and Google Classroom to set and explain our learning activities. We are meeting live to explain and share our learning as well as for stories and phonics. Mrs Barnikel and Mrs Saunders are also taking readers everyday, please see the Class Dojo main story page for you time.  

 Each day will follow the same routine, Name writing - Don't forget to watch your individual feedback videos, Phonics, live group or pre recorded, Writing with Mrs Still - practice our cvc words, labels, lists and sentences, Maths with Mrs Still, Maths Story linked to our learning, and our Topic activities linked to our story. There are lots of play opportunities within our learning so remember to take lots of pictures and videos to share!























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