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Bumblebees (R)




Our teacher is Miss Mitchell. Our teaching assistant is Miss Martin.

Our school councillors are Jack and Gracie. 

Important things to remember:

->Bring your reading book everyday so you can read with adults and change your books.

->Keep a pair of wellies in school ready for messy outdoor activities. 

->PE and Outdoor learning are on Friday.  Please make sure your child has clothes ready for both of these.

->Please make sure your child has a change of clothes including pants and socks. We don't expect accidents to happen, but if they do it is always more comfortable for the children if they can change into their own clothes. 

->Even in Reception we are encouraging children to be independentconfident and resilient. Parents can encourage this by having children get dressed on their own before school and putting away their own bags when they get to school.n clothes. 

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